4 reasons to eat plant-based more often

4 reasons to eat plant-based more often

Plant-based food didn't just come out of the blue, it's a way of life that has been around for a long time and many people swear by it these days. Do you not know exactly what a vegan existence entails, but are you curious about the benefits? Then read on quickly, because it is a lot tastier, healthier and better for the environment than you might think.

Plant-based food means that you no longer eat or drink animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy, cheese, butter, eggs. Your diet consists of vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts, grains and seeds. It is also known as the whole-foods-plant-based diet. This also means that the food is processed as little as possible.

Better for the environment

Producing plant-based food is much less taxing on our planet than producing animal-based food. To provide food for the gigantic amount of livestock in the world, many hectares of agricultural land are cultivated, resulting in deforestation and enormous CO2 emissions. All this food is then processed and transported to the farms, where the animals themselves also emit a lot of CO2 through the manure. Switching to a plant-based diet therefore helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

If the livestock were not so gigantic, we could manage with much less agricultural land for crops to feed all the people on earth. Which obviously results in much lower greenhouse gas emissions. Many people are beginning to realize that the livestock industry is affecting our living environment. In the Netherlands, for example, measures are already being taken to reduce livestock numbers.

Unfortunately, this is far from the case everywhere. If you think it is important that your children and grandchildren can also enjoy our planet, make more conscious choices in the interest of our planet.

Better for your body

Several studies have shown that more plant-based food is better for our body. The nutrition center therefore also advises to eat less animal products. Because as you have read above, it is not only good for the environment, but our body is also very happy with it. By eating more plant-based foods you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer and type 2 diabetes. It is also good for our skin and if you want to lose a few pounds, a plant-based diet helps you with this faster. Plant-based foods contain no cholesterol and less saturated fats.

Of course you have to make sure you get enough protein, omega 3 and vitamin B12, but that applies to everyone! 

Better for the animals

Unfortunately, due to the massive consumption of meat and dairy, many animals have a hard time. Cows, chickens, pigs sometimes live in a small space to provide us with cheap food, such as the bangers in the supermarket. Many of the animals in the livestock industry never go out, have no daylight and are given unnecessary antibiotics. Many people therefore opt for a vegan lifestyle because they no longer want to contribute to this animal suffering. If you eat plant-based more often, you really don't have to worry about missing meat. You can now easily replace meat with a vegetable version.

For example, replace meat with nuts, legumes (including beans, chickpeas, lentils), vegetables and whole-grain cereal products or meat substitutes.

More conscious

Eating differently starts by thinking differently. When you eat a plant-based meal more often, you will notice that you also become a lot more aware. Today, many prepackaged products contain unnecessary additives that do not belong in a healthy diet. You can recognize it by the labels with endless ingredient lists. By stopping these prepackaged products and cooking more yourself with natural ingredients, you will become a lot more aware of what you put into your body.

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