Post workout smoothie recipes on

Post workout smoothie recipes on

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Anyone who has ever run, hard sports or has done a heavy workout knows it. When the adrenaline has subsided, your body craves food and energy. What could be better than to spoil yourself at such a moment with a delicious and healthy post workout smoothie?

In 2014, brothers Lars and Jorn came to the conclusion that the nutritional supplements they took to recover after exercise were full of artificial additives and sugars. While they live as healthy as possible, do a lot of sports and pay attention to the food they take in, it turned out that it was virtually impossible at the same time to whey protein shake that is clean, organic and has a high protein value. Because the product they wanted could not be found, they decided to develop it themselves.

After a period of about a year, the first of a series of organic products was launched on January 1, 2015 under the name Ekopura. Ekopura Organic Whey Protein Purely Natural is a 100% organic protein that is free from artificial additives and sugars. In the course of 2015, several natural flavors will also become available, such as strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate.

Whey protein helps your muscles to recover after physical exertion. The great thing is that the shake also contains few calories and therefore fits perfectly into any diet. Read on for the delicious post workout smoothie recipes

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