Ekopura Overnight Oats

Ekopura Overnight Oats

Ekopura overnight oats. Not everyone is crazy about overnight oats. That is why we have found a recipe that will certainly appeal to everyone's taste. This dish is also very simple and nutritious, so why not?

What Do You Need?

– 30 grams of oat flakes

– a tablespoon of chia seeds

– a tablespoon of sesame seeds

– a tablespoon of linseed

– a tablespoon of raisins

– a teaspoon of cinnamon

– a scoop Ekopura

– 200 ml vegetable milk.

– Tablespoon of cottage cheese

– Topping of your choice

How do you prepare it?

– Put the oats, all seeds, raisins and cinnamon powder in a bowl and mix everything together.

Now add the milk and mix everything again.

– Put the mixture in the fridge before going to sleep.

– The next day you take it out of the fridge, put your topping of choice on top and enjoy.

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