When is the best time to drink a protein shake?

When is the best time to drink a protein shake?

When is the best time to drink a protein shake? Protein shakes are hot! More than ever, people are drinking protein shakes on a daily basis. Many athletes nowadays take a protein shake after a good workout. But when is the best time to take a protein shake? In this article we will answer that question.

Why protein shakes?

Proteins are essential for the production of muscle tissue. Athletes in particular who train a lot and heavily therefore have a greater need for proteins sports supplements. If the body does not consume enough protein from food, it will use protein from the muscles to supplement the shortage, which will be at the expense of muscle mass. So you can train as much as you want, but if you don't consume enough protein, your muscle strength and mass will not increase. Knowing more? Then read our blog Why does our body need protein.

How much protein do you need per day?

Proteins are building blocks for the body and are essential for building or maintaining muscle mass. How much protein you should eat per day varies from person to person. The exact amount of protein your body needs on a daily basis depends on factors such as age, health, weight and physical activity. Read more about it in our blog: How much protein do you need per day.

Before training

Don't forget the cool-downThere are many different opinions about the best time to take a protein shake. Research however, has shown that taking protein shakes just before or during exercise has little additional benefit. If you want to supplement the protein with a protein shake before your training, do that more than an hour before you start. The body processes protein differently than carbohydrates and fats and can take quite a bit of energy to do this. The main importance is the total protein intake over the entire day. During a workout it is not necessary to take protein, replenishing fluids and carbohydrates is much more important at that time.

After training

Ekopura partner registration ambassadorsAfter training and during an intensive training period, the muscles have a higher protein requirement than normal. To meet this protein need, fast proteins such as whey protein are a good option. These are easily and quickly absorbed by the body to meet this additional need. Whey is therefore good to take immediately after a workout. However, if you are lactose intolerant or vegan, vegetable proteins from pea can also be a good alternative. See which one protein products that suit you best.

At breakfast

Why whey and what does it do for your body? What is whey? EkopuraWhen you train a lot and your body is heavily loaded, you increase the protein requirement. After a night's rest, the body has used up all the proteins and other nutrients. It is therefore possible that your body has a protein deficiency at that time. Taking a protein shake during breakfast can therefore offer a good solution. This allows the muscles to recover quickly. In addition, it is also just a tasty addition to the most important meal of the day.

Before going to sleep

Ekopura Organic Casein Protein - Purely NaturalTaking a protein shake before bed can also be a good idea. It ensures that there is no protein shortage during the night and that the muscle recovery process continues. Casein is especially suitable for this. Casein is slowly absorbed by the body. The proteins are gradually processed over a period of up to seven hours. In addition, it satisfies the feeling of hunger and you burn extra calories by just by processing these proteins. Read all about the benefits of Casein here.

What should you pay attention to?

Many proteins generally contain components such as GMOs, artificial flavors, colorings, refined sugars and other unhealthy additives that we believe should not belong in a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, little attention is paid to the well-being of humans, animals and nature in the production process. The above is exactly the reason we started developing our products.

Ekopura only works with pure, healthy and organic ingredients. The result: protein that is free of artificial and unnecessary additives and that is good for humans, animals and the environment. Click here for more information about our products.

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