Ekopura is healthy whey with pure ingredients

Ekopura is healthy whey with pure ingredients

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Ekopura is healthy whey with pure ingredients. Food and health blogger Ester van essiehealthylife.nl wrote a review about our organic whey protein in the taste Smooth Cacao. In her own words, Ester transformed from 'fatty' to 'fitty' in five years, as she radically changed her lifestyle. She has now lost 36 kilos and describes all her tips for a healthy lifestyle on her blog. 

According to Ester, taking in enough protein is important, so there should be a good protein powder in every kitchen cupboard. "My experience is that Ekopura Smooth Cocoa has a super soft taste. It also doesn't taste chemically like many other protein powders," says Essie. 

This is because the flavor in our product comes straight from the cocoa bean and is sweetened with a little bit of stevia. This gives you the purest quality organic whey protein. 

Healthy Whey with Pure Ingredients

Ester: "My overall assessment is very positive: a healthy whey, with pure ingredients. It contains no GMOs, is soy, gluten and refined sugar free. It is also suitable for vegetarians".

Want to read her entire review? Look here

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