8 tips to quickly lose those holiday kilos

8 tips to quickly lose those holiday kilos

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We fully enjoyed the holiday and the nice weather. However, the warm weather is often accompanied by tasty barbecues, festivals, a glass of wine on the terrace or a delicious snack on the beach. All very tasty and cozy of course, but it does have an effect on your fitness and maybe a few holiday kilos have been added to the scale. Time to go back to basics and pick up your normal diet and exercise pattern.

We've selected 8 tips to help you get back in shape and lose those holiday pounds quickly. Are you reading along?


We'll start with some good news. Because you really don't have to change much to get your pre-holiday fitness back. You've probably let yourself go with the treats available on the holiday. Just pick up the thread at home as you always did. When you eat normally and exercise as you are used to, those holiday pounds will disappear very quickly.

Eat something before the meal

You probably ate larger portions or several courses on holiday than you are normally used to. Then it is possible that you unconsciously eat more at home as a result. You can easily solve this by eating a soup or some raw vegetables before your meal. These contain few calories but a lot of fiber, which makes you feel full faster. It is also advisable to opt for whole-grain products such as whole-wheat pasta, rice and whole-wheat or multi-grain bread. These products are high in fiber and ensure faster satiety. This will automatically make you eat less.

Move extra

Sufficient exercise is essential if you want to get fit again after the holidays. Schedule an extra workout and choose to walk or cycle more often when you need to go somewhere. A combination of a healthy diet and exercise will help you quickly get back into your old shape.

Drink enough water

Start the day with a large glass of water. This way you immediately replenish the moisture deficiency that you have lost during the night. You give your body a big boost and water helps your body to get rid of waste products faster.

drink less alcohol

A drink here, a drink there… This is wonderful during the holidays, but once home it is good to put an end to this. Because if you really want to get fit again as soon as possible, then you really have to cut back on alcohol. For example, choose not to drink alcohol during the week and limit it to 1 or 2 drinks on the weekend.

Cook more at home

To ensure that you quickly lose those holiday pounds, it is important to gain control over what you eat. And the best way to do this is to cook your meals at home. You know exactly what goes into a meal and you adjust the portions yourself. Because even if you think you've ordered a "healthy meal", you don't know exactly what went into it. Therefore, opt for pure products and buy local, ripe products that contain the most nutrients as much as possible. This gives you a faster feeling of satiety and enough energy to keep your engine running.

positive mindset

A positive mind is a positive life. Everything starts with the right attitude. Don't give up and trust that you will really lose those holiday pounds again. Think positive and don't be too hard on yourself. Start with small changes and learn healthy eating habits again. Make sure you have enough relaxation, because stress is a real culprit when you are working on losing weight.

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Hold on!

Last but not least: hang in there! Make sure you have enough motivation and, for example, train with a sports buddy. This way you motivate each other to go to the gym. It is also useful to download a sports app on your smartphone. This will encourage you to exercise every day. With all the tips above, we are sure that your holiday kilos will disappear with snow in the sun and you will be top fit again in no time!

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