6 benefits of exercising in the morning

6 benefits of exercising in the morning

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One person immediately jumps out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off and the other snoozed. But one thing is for sure…. the feeling after a morning workout makes up for everything. It's a bit of a struggle when the alarm goes off, but you benefit from this for the rest of the day and nothing is more motivating than having your workout done when others have yet to start their day.. We have 6 benefits for you in one put in a row.

It's still nice and quiet

In the early hours it is generally much less crowded in the gym or on the street and how nice is that! You don't have to wait and you have enough space for your own workout! In addition, it can also save time, because waiting for a device to become available is a waste of your time.

Boost for your metabolism

6 benefits of exercising in the morning - metabolismAnother benefit of exercising in the morning is for your metabolism. That gets a considerable boost when your day starts with a workout. Your metabolism is already running at full speed from the morning hours and as a result you burn more throughout the day than if you were to lie on one ear for that extra hour.

You start the day in a healthy way

A workout has a positive effect on both your energy level and your mood, this is due to the endorphin rush you feel after a workout. This in turn results in a much smaller chance that you will succumb to sweets, fast food or fatty snacks later in the day. You usually feel so good after a morning workout that you only want to replenish your energy supply with healthy food.

The evenings are free

How delicious is that! When you have already completed your workout in the morning, you can organize the whole day however you want. And that means that after a long day at work you can relax on the couch or meet up with friends. The evening is yours!

Having breakfast

Vanilla smoothie bowl kiwi, watermelon, appleThe most important meal of the day is still skipped by many people. And especially if you have a heavy workout on the schedule, breakfast is important. Eating breakfast not only ensures that you are more productive for the rest of the day, but also that your metabolism gets going. So always try to eat something, even if it is just something small. Curious about all Ekopura recipes? then click here.

Better sleep pattern

Seven tips for getting enough sleepExercise gives you energy and wakes you up. Exercising in the evening can therefore sometimes make it difficult to fall asleep. Your body is still awake and active. By moving at a fixed time every morning, you get into a daily rhythm and you no longer have trouble falling asleep in the evening. When you exercise in the morning, you often go to bed earlier in the evening and this ensures a positive sleep pattern.

In short, set the alarm a little earlier and do your training in the morning before the day starts!

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