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Organic Casein | 78% Protein | 500g | 20 servings

  • Description
  • Description

    Organic casein protein from Ekopura is micellar and contains 78% protein. The perfect solution for gradual protein absorption by the body over a longer period of time. Casein proteins are therefore also called slow proteins. The product is perfectly suited to take before sleeping, with your breakfast or as a snack to maintain protein intake throughout the day or night. Our casein protein powder is free of artificial additives and comes from grass-fed organic cows' milk. It is packed with high-quality antioxidants and amino acids (BCAAs).

    Promotes muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle retention.

    "Pure, Organic Casein Proteins"  

    Our casein comes from European organic grass-fed cows that have a good life. They spend their time freely grazing in the open air. Only when it gets too cold do they go inside where they stay in spacious stables.


    Organic milk casein powder (78% protein) from the Alpine region

    Health benefits

    Casein protein is absorbed slowly and provides a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time. It is therefore best to take Casein before going to sleep, with your breakfast or before a period when you cannot eat much. Promotes muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle retention. Supports the bones.


    As a supplement to the daily diet, take 1-3 shakes/servings per day. Mix one serving (25 grams) Ekopura protein powder with 250 ml of water, juice or other drink of your choice and shake or mix until you have a creamy shake. You can also make delicious healthy snacks and smoothies with Ekopura protein powder.