Sports and Nutrition: the right Nutrition for your Training Goal

Sports and Nutrition: the right Nutrition for your Training Goal

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When you are training hard to get the perfect body, a well thought out sports program in combination with a nutrition plan is a must. To know what your perfect fitness foods are, you first need to know what your sports goals are. Do you exercise to lose weight, get fitter or develop more muscles? In this article we take a closer look at sports and nutrition. Are you reading along?

Lose weight

When you want to lose weight, next to enough exercise, nutrition is just as important. The right nutrition can make all the difference! It is recommended to reduce your carbohydrate intake and eat more protein. If you want to lose some kilos, proteins are indispensable because they make you feel full, which means that you will be less likely to be tempted by the less healthy snacks. Proteins also ensure that you will maintain and grow as much muscle mass as possible. Do you want to know more about this topic? Then read our blog How much protein do you need per day?

More muscle mass

After a hard workout, your muscles get a big blow. That is why recovery nutrition after exercise is very important. Your muscles crave protein. The small tears in your muscles that have arisen during exercise are repaired faster with proteins. Try to take the proteins shortly after exercise to maintain the protein balance in your body.

In addition to proteins, your body also needs carbohydrates. With carbohydrates you replenish your energy stores and you fight fatigue. The proteins are necessary for recovery and building of the muscles so that you can prevent or reduce any muscle pain. A low-carbohydrate diet therefore does not fit well into the life of a fanatic athlete.

If you want to focus specifically on increasing your muscle mass, it is advised to take some more protein. This can be done, for example, with a combination of some extra cottage cheese or yogurt, a cup of milk, a protein shake, some chicken breast, tofu and an extra portion of nuts or beans. A higher protein intake than the protein requirement does not lead to more muscle growth.

get fitter

Do you want to get in better shape and get fitter quickly? Then a healthy dose of energy will come in handy. Make sure you reduce sugars and ensure a balanced diet with sufficient vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. Sugars will give you fluctuating blood levels. An energy level with ups and downs influences the desire to train. A healthy breakfast is also indispensable. This ensures that you can actively start your day and don't let anything get you down.

Need inspiration for a healthy breakfast? Then go to our recipes page.


In addition to the right nutrition, supplements can also contribute to getting the right and healthy nutrients. Think, for example, of Omega 3. These supplements have a positive effect on the heart, brain and eyes. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the muscles.

You can read more about the health benefits of Omega 3 here: What is Omega 3 good for?

You can also use protein shakes to make sure you get enough protein. Read more about how to make the right choice here: Protein shakes what do you pay attention to?

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