How do you change eating habits? 7 tips

How do you change eating habits? 7 tips

Almost everyone has some bad eating habits. Maybe you eat too much sugar or you scoop too much every time. Bad eating habits also include unhealthy snacks. But how do you change this? We have selected some tips for you that will help you change your behaviour. Are you reading along?

It takes time!

On average, it takes 66 days for you to adopt a new behavior as a habit. So it takes discipline, perseverance and repeated application of the desired behavior to make this a habit without falling back into old patterns. British research.

It is important to know that every habit has three parts: a trigger, the behavior and the reward. The trick is to remove the trigger from the behavior or to keep the trigger and reward but change the behavior. The next time you want to grab a bag of chips, think about the choice you are making and have a piece of fruit, for example. Changing a habit takes time and perseverance.

Because you often unconsciously eat something, you don't think about what you eat. A good example is eating chips while watching television. The first time you consciously grab a bag of chips, a conscious decision. But if you do it every time, it will become an unconscious habit and you will associate watching television with eating chips. Below we have listed some tips to provide guidance in the change.

Keep track of what you eat

Write down everything you eat for a week. It will surprise you what you actually unconsciously take in. Then replace the unhealthy products with healthy alternatives and keep doing this to see what it does to your body (at least 66 days!).

Choose pure products

By this we mean unprocessed products such as fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Buy local, mature produce that contains the most nutrients as much as possible. This gives you a faster feeling of satiety and enough energy to keep your engine running.

Eating on the go

Everyone recognizes it! You are busy and have little time to prepare your meals yourself. There is no time to sit back and enjoy your food. That is why many people opt for a quick bite and we all know that they are often not the healthiest. Because you also don't take the time to eat quietly, it takes longer before you are full and therefore you eat more. If you want to live a healthy life or lose weight, this is of course not a good combination. Therefore, prepare a healthy meal in advance when you do have the time and make sure you always have some healthy snacks with you, such as fresh fruit.

take your time

Some people eat so fast that they don't even taste what they are eating. When you eat too fast, it causes a chain of reactions in your body. If your plate is empty within 10 minutes, you are more likely to shovel again. When you eat, your brain only receives a signal after about 20 minutes that you have consumed enough. Then you are already working on your 2nd plate and you end up eating too much. In addition, your stomach, intestines and other digestive organs receive too much nutrition in a short time. As a result, they cannot get all the nutrients from the food. Your body can think that there are shortages of certain nutrients and will give hunger impulses, with the result that you get hungry again.

Eat smaller portions!

If you always eat too much, that is also a bad eating habit that contributes to obesity. Try to control your portions. For example, start bragging less than you normally would. Take small bites and chew your food longer. If your plate is empty within 10 minutes, wait a few minutes before serving again. There is a good chance that the first plate was just enough after all.

Don't drink soft drinks

Drink as little or no soft drinks as possible. They contain no nutrients that contribute to health, are full of sugar with all its consequences and affect your teeth. Even the light varieties are absolutely not healthy for you and contain sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, etc.

TIP! Drink plain water or, alternatively, organic coconut water. This natural drink is made from pure coconut juice from fresh green organic coconuts. The juice is filtered so that an optimal nutritional value is guaranteed. Coconut water is rich in vitamin C and calcium and is ideal before or after exercise as it helps restore fluid balance.

A late night snack

Are you also the type who goes on an adventure to the fridge late in the evening? Watch out! Because usually this tasty snack is unhealthy. Did you know that feeling hungry can also mean that you are thirsty? So try a glass of water or tea first. If this does not help, you should of course eat something, but choose something light and healthy, such as fruit.


Reading this makes it seem easier than it actually is. But if you become really aware of your eating habits, and recognize the causes and rewards, you are already halfway there to actually change your behavior. So say GOODBYE to those bad eating habits and hang in there!

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