Are you eating too much sugar? 7 symptoms to find out

Are you eating too much sugar? 7 symptoms to find out

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Today we get a lot of sugar through our diet. It is incorporated into many products without us realizing it. A little sugar won't hurt most people, but too much sugar can cause health problems. Our body lets us know very well when something is not right. So if we get too much sugar, we receive signals. If you recognize yourself in this article, you might have to pay attention to your sugar intake. Are you reading along?

you feel tired

When your breakfast or lunch is full of sugars and contains little protein, fiber and fat, you can get a big dip in the afternoon. You may also experience severe headaches and difficulty focusing. A balanced diet ensures that there are no large peaks and troughs in your blood sugar level.

You feel bloated

Our intestines are not happy if we eat products that contain a lot of artificial fructose. And you notice that. It can make you feel quite bloated. The chance that you get this by eating fruit, which contains natural fructose, is much smaller. Artificial fructose is often added to sweets, soft drinks and fruit juices and that combination is difficult for your gut to digest. Eating other refined sugars can also be the culprit of your intestinal problems.

Weight problems

The human body was created to handle a limited amount of sugar. When the body has had enough and sugar continues to flow in, the sugar calories are converted into body fat and stored. This can of course quickly lead to a weight problem, which in turn creates an additional risk of other ailments such as high cholesterol and heart problems.

much more thirsty

A signal that you are ingesting too much sugar is a dry mouth and a lot of thirst. Your brain gets a signal. It is of course important not to drink soda, but to drink a glass of water or cup of tea (without sugar).

What does sugar do to your brain?

If you eat sweet snacks, you may have an appetite for even more sweets. It works like this: sugar causes your brain to release dopamine. This is a substance that gives you a feeling of reward. Eating or drinking a sugar-rich product gives you a pleasant feeling, which makes you want to experience that feeling more often. This is what makes sugar so addictive.

What does sugar do to your muscles?

Sugar not only affects your brain, but also your muscles. Sugar provides the energy your muscles need to work properly. But note: we are mainly talking about healthy sugars here. Too much sugar or refined sugars that are not used by your muscles or cannot be stored as a reserve are stored by your body as fat.

Sugar and your workout!

Energizing your body is very important when you exercise. But if you notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to exercise, you may be eating too much sugar before you exercise. By giving your body energy in the form of sugars, your blood sugar level quickly reaches a peak and then it will quickly fall again. As a result, you feel really tired while you are still working out. And that is of course not the intention.


Are you stressed and feel the need for sugary comfort food? Then it is better to opt for a portion of oatmeal with brown sugar. The oatmeal fills up faster so you don't eat too much and the brown sugar still gives you that little bit of sugar.

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