Ekopura protein-rich smoothie recipes

Ekopura protein-rich smoothie recipes

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A smoothie in combination with a nice sun and Ekopura still really great.

As far as I'm concerned, a smoothie can be on the menu every day. Nice variation with fruit and go with that ''banana''. To help you on your way to becoming a real smoothie master, I have two delicious recipes for you here. Due to a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and moisture, a smoothie is also ideal as a recovery meal. You will need a blender or food processor for these recipes. 

Ekopura protein-rich smoothie red fruit

Red fruit smoothie

Here's how we're going to make it: Place all ingredients in a measuring cup or blender. Then mix with the blender or an immersion blender until everything is well mixed and there are no more lumps in the smoothie.

mango chocolate smoothie

mango chocolate smoothie

This is how we are going to make it: All these ingredients also go well in a measuring cup or blender. Blend with a blender or stick blender until everything is well blended. This one is also the best without lumps. 

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