Five healthy snacks for after exercise

Five healthy snacks for after exercise

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Five healthy snacks for after exercise. After a good workout, your body needs energy to fully recover. That is why it is important to get enough proteins and carbohydrates.

We've selected 5 protein-rich, healthy snacks that give you exactly what you need after a workout, and they're tasty too.

Greek yogurt banana and peanut butter Greek yogurt has a wonderfully creamy texture and is bursting with proteins. Combine the yogurt with banana and peanut butter for a perfect post-workout snack. 1463330255572 chocolatemilk Good news for chocolate lovers: a glass of chocolate milk is a good recovery drink. Drinking chocolate milk stimulates muscle recovery and muscle building after exercise. The proteins provide muscle building, the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium are a must for your muscles and the sugars replenish your energy. d1ba3c9c7bc9865a9a26c89e12b01fa4 Almond date smoothie This smoothie consists of almond milk and also real almonds, for extra protein. The dates contain carbohydrates, and by adding some honey you also get some antioxidants. 23cff583d030c415683be732914339d3 Protein shake Protein shakes help the body build and recover muscle after exercise. Perfect for after exercise. And with protein shakes you can really go in all directions. 66d5deaf8b99992ac486058a3f36d750 hummus If you're feeling peckish after working out, hummus is just what you need. Hummus is made from chickpeas and contains both protein and carbohydrates. Dip some raw vegetables in the hummus or spread it on a pita bread. Delicious! 10e9f51698907b90488a821640bffb97 So exercise and eat well! Perfect right?

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