Five healthy breakfast suggestions

Five healthy breakfast suggestions

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A breakfast and especially a healthy breakfast is the perfect start to your day. After a night of sleep, your body needs energy to be mentally but also physically sharp! The longer you wait with your breakfast, the longer it takes for your metabolism to get going. In this article we give you five healthy breakfast suggestions.

We have selected 5 delicious recipes to start your day healthy and delicious.

Green smoothie A green smoothie is a super healthy breakfast because you get a large portion of fruit and vegetables in one go. You can vary endlessly with the ingredients. For example, opt for this green smoothie with spinach, avocado and banana to start the day right. ekopura Oatmeal Oatmeal is ideal if you want to have a healthy breakfast. It is rich in fiber and proteins and also contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, E and K. Oatmeal also contains iron and other important minerals. Delicious to combine with fresh fruit and nuts. ekopura Avocado with toast and egg A fresh avocado is full of unsaturated fats and in combination with egg you immediately put a healthy and delicious filling breakfast on the table. ekopura buckwheat Pancakes Buckwheat pancakes, they are delicious! And they are also easy to make. Just like with 'regular' pancakes, you can vary endlessly with different toppings, for example raspberries with blueberries or Greek yogurt with strawberries. A wonderful start to the day. 3430d1f9ef0990f4d919f7ad8ff1d24e Frozen yogurt with fruits. You don't have time to have a quiet breakfast. Then choose these delicious frozen yogurt bars with fresh fruit. Great for working out or when you're on the go. They are very easy to make and you can choose a different variant every time. ekopura It is therefore important that you start the day with a nutritious breakfast. You will notice that you have much more energy during the day. And with the addition of a shovel Ekopura Whey in the above dishes you also get an important part of your daily protein requirement in a tasty way. Enjoy it. We hope these five healthy breakfast suggestions help you make choices.

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