tropical Ekopura protein smoothie bowl

tropical Ekopura protein smoothie bowl

You are always in the right place with a tasty smoothie bowl. Some protein, a vitamin bomb and some toppings to really make it a party. Here you will find one of my favorite smoothie bowls. 

To get enough protein daily, there is regularly a Tropical Ekopura protein smoothie bowl on the table. This bowl always consists of fruit, (vegetable variation on) yogurt, crispy muesli and different toppings. Think of nuts, seeds, kernels, coconut or cocoa nibs.

For this recipe I opted for something nice and tropical, because unfortunately we had to miss that last summer. 


tropical Ekopura protein smoothie bowl

Preparation Tropical Ekopura protein smoothie bowl:

  1. Take a good deep bowl and mix the yogurt with the protein powder until smooth
  2. Cut the fruit into cubes and add this together with the coconut
  3. Give it some extra bite through the muesli
  4. If you want something extra you can add pure cocoa nibs and/or nuts

Thanks to Floris van @floris_fitfood


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