Oreo cherry chocolate fluff smoothie

Oreo cherry chocolate fluff smoothie

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Cherries and chocolate are a super tasty combination and processed in this delicious airy fluff it is a perfect snack. You make it in a jiffy and we're sure you can't get enough.


– 1 scoop Ekopura Organic Casein

– half a glass of organic milk

– 150 grams frozen cherries (Note! to make fluff, it must be frozen fruit)

– Handful of frozen strawberries

– Small pieces of chocolate

– Fresh cherries

– Oreos


– Crush the frozen fruit in a blender to a fine powder.

– Then add the casein and milk and blend until creamy.

– Beat the whole for at least 3 minutes to a light mass with an electric mixer.

– Top it off with some fresh cherries, pieces of chocolate, oreo and enjoy!

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