How do you bake with vegan protein powder? 5 tips for the tastiest baking!

How do you bake with vegan protein powder? 5 tips for the tastiest baking!

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Baking with Ekopura vegan protein is a great way to experiment in the kitchen, especially if you're looking for alternatives to traditional wheat flour. Our website contains various recipes in which we have incorporated our vegan protein. Tasty and easy to make. Every recipe is different, so it can sometimes take some experimentation before the recipe is exactly the way you like it. We have 5 tips to help you on your way.

5 hints!

1. Vegan protein powder can be used in many different sweet dishes. Think of pancakes, cookies, brownies or, for example, in banana bread. In the beginning, experiment with the different vegan variants. Because you can make any recipe to your own taste.

2. It is very important not to replace the fat in the recipe with fat-free alternatives (eg applesauce). The little fat that is processed in this will ensure that your dish does not dry out and remains nice and creamy. Because nobody likes dry pancakes!

3. Have you baked with vegan protein powder before and found the structure too thick? You can solve this by adding an extra scoop of baking powder and baking soda. Vegan protein is thicker in structure than flour. Adding these ingredients keeps the batter light.

4. When mixing the ingredients, be careful not to overdo it. Vegan protein is thicker than flour and if you mix it too much the batter will become lumpy and of course you don't want that. Try to mix only until all ingredients are mixed together.

5. Last but not least! Make sure you don't overcook dishes with vegan protein powder. This will change the taste and structure and that is a waste of all the effort you have put into it. If you are baking tasty vegan muffins, make sure you check the oven regularly to make sure you take the muffins out on time.

Are you ready to bake with vegan protein powder? Then try one of the recipes below.

Vegan chocolate muffins

Vegan chocolate muffins 

 Carrot protein bliss balls 

Ekopura Pre-workout snack protein bliss balls_bars] 

 vegan pancakes

vegan recipes 

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