Healthy protein-rich snacks for on the go!

Healthy protein-rich snacks for on the go!

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It can sometimes be quite a challenge to always eat healthy, especially when you are on the road a lot. Your sleep pattern also influences whether or not you go for the unhealthy snack earlier or not. Because when you have a bad night's sleep, you are more likely to need unhealthy snacks. But how do you deal with these cravings?

Suppressing the appetite is not an option. It is wiser to take a snack, but make sure that you go for a healthy option. In this article we give a number of handy, healthy protein-rich snacks for on the go!

go nuts!

Nuts are a great snack! A bag of nuts fits easily in your bag and the perfect way to get a dose of protein. Do you have a sweet tooth? Mix that some nuts with some dried fruit. Walnuts, almonds and pistachios contain the most protein compared to their counterparts. Nuts are therefore a delicious and responsible snack for on the go.

Homemade protein bars

homemade Ekopura granola bar
Yep! A homemade protein bar is delicious on the go. In addition, you know exactly which ingredients are in it, because you have made it yourself in your own kitchen. Do you have a day or evening off? Then go cook and make a number of different variants. That way it doesn't get monotonous. Look here how to make these bars.

Cooked egg

protein-rich snackCheap, easy and packed with nutrients… Need we say more! An egg is therefore a perfect protein-rich snack. Tip! At the beginning of the week, boil a few eggs and take them with you in a to-go container.

Blueberry raspberry protein muffins

Blueberry raspberry protein muffinsAre you looking for a healthy snack? Stop, look no further. How about these delicious blueberry raspberry protein muffins. The combination of blueberries and raspberries is a delicious sweet combination. We are fans! Click here for the recipe.

Edamame beans

Edamame beansEveryone knows these green beans. Often available in sushi restaurants. Edamame are the pods of the soy plant, and like all soy products, they are packed with protein. Edamame have a high nutritional value. They are rich in protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium, making them an ideal vegetable for vegetarians and vegans. It also contains a lot of fiber and vitamins A and C. There are about 100 kilocalories in 120 grams of Edamame beans, so a bowl of beans is a responsible snack.

Organic Chocolate Protein Brownies

Organic Chocolate Protein BrowniesFancy a tasty snack packed with proteins? Then go for these Organic Chocolate Protein Brownies! Perfect as a responsible snack. All ingredients are of organic origin. The brownies are made in a jiffy and easy to take on the go. Click here for the recipe.

Protein bliss balls

Ekopura Pre-workout snack protein bliss balls_bars]Before a workout, it is important to eat a snack that is especially not too heavy. It should give you the right amount of energy to pop during your workout! This delicious and pure natural pre-workout snack will help you with this! Also great if you want to satisfy the appetite in the afternoon. See here the recipe.

shake it!

Ekopura organic whey proteinAre you in a rush in the morning and want something easy and protein-rich for on the go? Then opt for a protein shake or smoothie. You can vary endlessly with a protein shake, so it won't get boring so quickly. Mix a scoop Ekopura smooth cocoa with espresso, almond milk and ice cubes. This way you can make a deliciously refreshing iced coffee on the go. Also ideal if you are not a breakfast person. 

Watch out!

There are many types of protein powders on the market. Look carefully which one you take, because in many cases the cheapest are certainly not the best. Also take a good look at the ingredients list and consider whether you are dealing with a reliable producer. The best quality proteins are rich in nutrients and do not contain harmful ingredients such as refined sugars and artificial additives (eg aspartame, sorbitol and saccharin), soy, wheat gluten, preservatives and inferior proteins.

Ekopura therefore only uses organic ingredients that are guaranteed to be pure and clean. The result: protein that is free of artificial/unnecessary additives and that is produced with respect for humans, animals and nature. Ekopura products are made with only pure and organic ingredients for optimal muscle recovery, muscle building and muscle maintenance.

Curious about all Ekopura recipes? then click here.

Ekopura only uses pure and organic ingredients for optimal muscle recovery and building. Curious about all our products? then click here.

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