Ekopura's top 6 tastiest protein bakes!

Ekopura's top 6 tastiest protein bakes!

At Ekopura we love to process our protein into the tastiest baked goods. Protein waffles, vegan pancakes, chocolate cakes…. keep it up! Every recipe is extensively tested in advance, because we only put the best and tastiest recipes online. In this article we have selected our top 6 tastiest baked goods. We are curious which recipe is your favorite. Are you missing one? Then let us know in the comments below.

#1 - Vegan Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Vegan blueberry protein pancakes, YES please! This recipe proves that you can make pancakes without eggs very well. They are not only super tasty, but also made that way. Perfect to start your weekend or just nice for in between. View the recipe here: Vegan blueberry protein pancakes. Protein pancakes

#2 - Chocolate Vanilla Protein Muffins

These chocolate vanilla protein muffins are really delicious! An easy on-the-go breakfast or delicious as a snack. View the recipe here: Chocolate vanilla protein muffins Chocolate protein muffins

#3 – Carrot protein bliss balls

We have the perfect pre-workout snack for you! They are delicious and easy to make. It's not technically a bake, but one of our favorites nonetheless. Before a workout, it is important to eat a snack that is especially not too heavy. It should give you the right amount of energy to pop during your workout! This delicious and pure natural pre-workout snack will help you with this! View the recipe here: Carrot protein bliss balls Ekopura Pre-workout snack protein bliss balls_bars]

#4 - Ekopura Protein pancakes with fruit

Weekend tip! Start your weekend right with these protein pancakes with fresh fruit. You can put them on the table in no time and they are healthy too. enjoy. View the recipe here: Ekopura protein pancakes Ekopura Protein pancakes with fruit

#5 - Healthy pancakes

We can't get enough of pancakes! And certainly of this protein variant. Delicious for breakfast or as a snack in between. You can vary endlessly with the different toppings. This time we opted for cottage cheese, fresh fruit and organic strawberry syrup. A real party on your plate! View the recipe here: Healthy pancakes Healthy pancakes

#6 - Protein waffles with organic raspberry sauce and fruit.

Recipe for healthy protein waffles with fresh strawberries and organic raspberry sauce. Super tasty for breakfast and you can put this waffle on the table in no time. View the recipe here: Protein waffles with organic raspberry sauce Protein waffles             Ekopura only uses pure and organic ingredients for optimal muscle recovery and building. Curious about all our products? then click here.

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