5 x the tastiest protein fluff

5 x the tastiest protein fluff

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Protein fluff: Once you've tried it, you can't get enough of it and we're not just saying that! Not only is fluff super easy to make, it's packed with protein, low in calories and tastes heavenly. In this article we tell you more about Protein Fluff and we have selected 5 delicious recipes for you. Are you reading along?

What is protein fluff?

Protein fluff is basically casein mixed with frozen fruit, ice cubes, and water or organic/vegetable milk. This is the basic recipe, from now on you can go wild with different variants. For example, opt for red fruit (such as strawberries or raspberries) and mix it with milk for a pink, sweet fluff. Or go for a fresh pre-workout snack with vanilla and lemon. Protein fluff is a perfect snack to give you an extra boost of energy before your workout. Casein allows your muscles to absorb amino acids for a long time, which they need for muscle recovery, muscle building and muscle maintenance, making protein fluff a perfect pre- or post-workout snack. Want to know more about the benefits of casein? Then read our blog What is casein? 5 benefits.

How to make the perfect fluff

Fortunately, making fluff is very easy, provided you use a good blender and the right products. Mix the ice cubes or frozen fruit with the water or milk, fold in the casein powder and mix again until it becomes a creamy, fluffy whole. Pour it into a large glass or bowl and top it off with fresh fruit, cookies, nuts, whatever you like! The longer you mix it, the more fluffy it will become. NB! It is important that you use frozen fruit and not fresh fruit, because with fresh fruit you will never get fluff. The ice creates the fluffy effect.

5 x the tastiest protein fluff

We have selected 5 x the tastiest protein fluff recipes for you. Which variant is your favourite?

1) Spring protein fluff with fresh fruit

Spring protein fluff with fresh fruit This spring protein fluff is really delicious and super easy to make. Especially on a beautiful sunny day this will be the perfect treat. Click here for the recipe.

2) Cherry chocolate fluff

Cherries and chocolate are a super tasty combination. We have incorporated them into this lovely airy fluff. You make it in a jiffy and we're sure you can't get enough. Click here for the recipe.

3) Chocolate protein fluff

Chocolate protein fluff For the real chocolate lovers, this chocolate protein fluff recipe is a delicious snack. Not only is it very tasty as a snack or dessert, it is also healthy. Click here for the recipe.

4) Vanilla fluff

Vanilla protein fluff Yes, it's so fluffy! This Protein Fluff is summery, high in protein and low in calories. What more do you want? Delicious for breakfast, because it gives you enough energy for a busy morning. Click here for the recipe.

5) Casein Protein Fluff with mango and strawberry

Ekopura casein protein fluff Are you also crazy about mango? Then this recipe is definitely worth trying. This fluff is wonderfully light, healthy and a protein-rich snack with few calories. Perfect! Click here for the recipe.

Organic Casein

At Ekopura we offer an organic variant of casein powder, which means that absolutely no artificial additives have been processed and that people, animals and nature have been treated with care. View our organic casein.

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