5 x the best spring shakes

5 x the best spring shakes

Spring has started and we have been able to enjoy a few beautiful sunny days. With the nice weather there is nothing more refreshing than a shake or smoothie to start the day or as a nice fresh snack. Bee Ekopura we know better than anyone that you can really vary endlessly with shakes. We process our proteins in the tastiest recipes.

In this article we have selected 5 tasty and fresh spring smoothies that you should definitely try. We are curious which variant is your favorite. Read on quick.

#1 Papaya protein shake

This papaya protein shake is super healthy and very tasty too. Papaya is a delicious fruit with many health benefits, thanks to its content of fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, papain, thiamine, niacin, and vitamins. Start your day with this power smoothie! enjoy. Click here for the recipe. Papaya protein smoothie

 #2 Blueberry shake 

You only need three ingredients for this blueberry shake and you can pour this colorful drink into your glass within five minutes. The blueberries have a wonderfully sweet taste, so it is not necessary to add sugar. This smoothie is guaranteed to be a success. Click here for the recipe. Vegan blueberry smoothie

#3 Tropical orange shake

This orange shake is a real vitamin bomb and of course we love it. Super simple to make and deliciously fresh. Add some tropical fruit and you have a refreshing spring shake. Click here for the recipe. Orange protein shake

#4 Watermelon, beetroot, apple, banana and raspberry shake

Time to give your body an extra boost with this delicious shake of watermelon, beets, apple, banana and raspberries. Your daily portion of fruit and vegetables in one glass. Click here for the recipe. spring smoothie

#5 Raspberries, blueberry shake

This shake is not only super healthy, it is also very tasty. This raspberry, blueberry shake is the perfect breakfast or a responsible snack. Click here for the recipe. Raspberry, blueberry smoothie Curious about all Ekopura recipes? then click here. Ekopura only uses pure and organic ingredients for optimal muscle recovery and building. We only offer the best for your body and nature. Curious about all our products? then click here.

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