Are protein shakes for women too?

Are protein shakes for women too?

Are protein shakes for women too? Is a question we often get asked. Our answer: YES!

protein requirement

A woman who regularly sports will need to consume an average of 70 grams of protein per day (70 grams is approximately equal to two eggs and two chicken breast or salmon fillet). The problem is, few women have the time to make an omelet in the morning, grill a chicken breast for lunch, and whip up a piece of fish after a long day at the office. Protein is not as easy to get as carbohydrates.

It's easier to buy a sandwich on the way to work than to fry an egg when you just wake up. Traditional protein sources (such as fish, meat, dairy and beans) are often not ready to eat when you buy them and require some preparation. If they can be consumed immediately, they are often fried or full of unhealthy additives. says nutrition expert Angela Ginn, RD, a spokesperson for the Association of Dietitians.

whey protein

Whey protein in powder form is in many cases an easy, quick but above all tasty and healthy solution. It can easily be added to a breakfast smoothie or mixed with water for a delicious protein shake. I can hear you thinking, ''But whey protein does that give me weight or does it make me muscular?'' These claims are incorrect.

As long as you don't train like a bodybuilder, you won't see muscle growth from Whey protein. If you include whey protein in your daily diet, it actually helps your muscles to recover, which ensures that your combustion remains high and you will lose weight faster. Whey protein is also full of amino acids that play an important role in energy, recovery, mood, brain functions and fat loss.

Vegetable protein

Plant-based protein shakes are increasingly on the rise these days. This is a good alternative if you are lactose intolerant or do not want to consume dairy products for idealistic reasons. Peas and rice protein contain the highest protein content among vegetable proteins (+/-80%). The taste is generally slightly less tasty compared to whey and the structure also takes some getting used to, but in terms of functionality it is almost not inferior. The absorption by the body takes place somewhat less quickly. 

Be careful because many producers add all kinds of artificial and unhealthy substances or refined sugars to make the powders somewhat palatable.

Conscious choice

Make sure you choose the right whey or vegetable protein. Choose a variant that does not contain refined sugars and other chemical additives that actually break down your body. In addition, most brands only look at producing as cheaply as possible without considering the impact on nature and the animals that live in it. Fortunately, there are more and more responsible alternatives on the market.

We as Ekopura aim to make a positive change here and create a stronger world through our products. We mainly use organic ingredients that are produced with respect for people, animals and nature.

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