What is Omega 3 good for? the health benefits

What is Omega 3 good for? the health benefits

Omega 3 is essential for the proper functioning of our body. But what exactly is it and what is Omega 3 good for? We will answer these questions in this article including a summary of the benefits.

What is Omega 3 good for?

GreenlandThe benefits have been studied since research showed that the Inuit population in Greenland, who always consumed a healthy amount of omega 3, had a lower risk of heart disease.[2] Fish oil and many other foods are a great source of omega 3 fats. Most of the fat that we need to function properly is made by our body from other fats or substances in the body. However, our body cannot produce omega-3 itself.[3] Omega 3 is therefore called an essential fat. It is extremely important for human health.[4] In addition to fish and fish oil, Omega 3 can also be found in vegetable oil, nuts (especially walnuts), linseed oil, algae and vegetables with leaves.[5]

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Sources of Omega 3

Food rich in omega 3Friend and foe agree that many would be healthier if they get enough or even extra Omega 3. 85% of the Dutch eat too little food that contains omega 3 (including fresh fish). The wild fish that the Dutch like to eat is lean and contains almost no omega 3. Think of fried kibbeling, whiting and plaice. The supermarket farmed fish pangasius and tilapia also barely contain Omega 3. Examples of fatty fish that contain Omega 3 are salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, tuna, trout and eel. Vegans and vegetarians can mainly get omega 3 from flax seed powder, chia seed powder, hemp seed, walnuts, avocado, seaweed and algae. Flax seed and chia seed must first be ground so that the body can absorb the nutrients properly.

Health benefits

The health benefits of omega-3 are endless. Below we have listed a number of important reasons why you should pay attention to your omega-3 intake from today:

1. Positive effect on muscles and endurance

sports - runningWhether you are a top athlete or a recreational athlete, in both cases you will benefit from a pure, highly concentrated omega 3 supplement. For example, regular omega 3 use improves endurance [18]. In addition, recreational athletes suffer less from inflammation, less serious injuries and a better mental focus. This is easily explained because Omega-3 fatty acids are converted in the body into hormone-like substances (prostagladins) with an anti-inflammatory effect. Professional athletes also benefit from Omega-3. Overtraining increases the formation of free radicals and inflammatory reactions in muscle tissue. Here, Omega-3 can have a supportive and anti-inflammatory effect, according to Jo Wyckmans, nutrition specialist.

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2. Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

Heart and vascular - capsulesOne of the best ways to prevent heart disease is to eat a diet full of monounsaturated and versatile fats (this includes omega-3s). [10] Omega 3 lowers blood pressure and lowers the risk of blood clots [19][20]. In addition, omega-3s have been shown to help reduce the risk of death, heart attacks, strokes and abnormal heart rhythms in people who have already had a heart attack. [11]

3. Brain Health and Development

brain healthPeople who take more omega 3 have a better memory. They process information faster and show greater flexibility in thinking. This positive influence of omega 3 on the brain is now being massively researched in relation to certain forms of dementia. DHA is an important part of our brain. For example, Alzheimer's disease is associated with a loss of brain mass and DHA. brain development babyIn addition, it has been proven that infants who are deficient in omega 3 are at risk of developing vision, nerve and brain problems. [8] Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the development of the brain and other parts of the nervous system during pregnancy and beyond. [9] It is therefore essential to get enough omega-3 during pregnancy and in the first years of life.

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4. Promotes Skin & Eye Health

eye healthOmega-3 can help keep skin cells healthy and prevent premature aging. It fights inflammation and helps to keep blood vessels flexible so that oxygen can reach the small capillaries. This leads to smoother skin, fewer wrinkles and less acne. It also protects against UV rays [16]. Omega 3 also reduces the risk of macular degeneration occurring. This is an eye condition that can lead to blindness [17].

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5. Other Health Benefits

In addition to the above health benefits, Omega-3 has also been proven to help with:
  • high cholesterol and high blood pressure[12],
  • fighting anxiety and depression[13][14],
  • reducing the symptoms of ADHD [15],
  • lowering the risk of certain cancers [18],
  • reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition, omega 3 has an appetite suppressing effect and can therefore have a positive effect if you want to lose weight [21].

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Ekopura Omega 3: responsible and pure

EkoPura_logoIt is clear that omega-3 is very important for your health and well-being! That's why we offer Ekopura pure nature omega 3 supplements with a high concentration of omega 3. Like all our products, these are also produced with respect for humans, animals and nature. There are many wrongs in the conventional Omega 3 industry. A quarter of the worldwide fish catch is used for Omega 3 and causes our oceans to become overfished. In addition, people often work under appalling conditions. We choose to do things differently and make a positive impact. For our Omega 3, therefore, no oceans are fished.

Vegan Omega 3 Algae Oil

Ekopura Vegan Omega 3 algae oil packAnyone who cannot or do not want to eat fish prevents a deficiency of Omega 3 with Ekopura Vegan Omega 3 Algae Oil. Algae oil has the same power as fish oil because algae are the natural food source of fish. Because the algae oil is made from cultured algae, we know for sure that the capsules are free from pollution and contaminants. The capsule is made of seaweed (not gelatin). watch here all details of the product. Of Ekopura Omega 3 secures you sufficient omega 3 intake in an easy and responsible way. You therefore no longer have to worry about all the health risks that come together with omega-3 deficiency or the negative impact on nature. Look now in our shop for the Omega-3 DHA and Omega-3 DHA+EPA.


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