Fat Burning; how does it work?

Fat Burning; how does it work?

Fat burning, a term that probably sounds very pleasant to you! Because who wouldn't want to lose that fat layer? Of course you now ask yourself: “how can I do that best?”. What is really the most efficient method to burn fat? In this article we take a closer look at this.

energy balance

Our fat burning is a complicated body process. Your body uses energy (calories) that you ingest through food and drink, or you store the energy. This is also known as the energy balance. If you take in more energy than your body uses up, then there is 'left over' energy. Your body stores this excess energy as fat. It is therefore natural if you take in more energy for a long time than you expend, that you gain weight. If you take in less energy than you use, you will lose weight.


If you want to lose weight, it is important to burn fat. The more stored body fat and belly fat we burn, the more excess weight we lose. In addition, our fat burning depends on many factors. But the two most important are a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.

How do we burn the most fat?

If you look at normal daily activities, fat provides about 90 percent of the required energy. The rest comes from carbohydrates. The longer and more intensive our efforts, the more energy our body needs.

Energy requirement

Your energy needs increase with exercise. In proportion, you use more carbohydrates, but the fat burning still increases. When the effort reaches a certain level of weight, the fat burning can no longer keep up with the energy requirement and then the body only burns carbohydrates. This tipping point varies from person to person.


It is often thought that a low-intensity cardio workout is the best way to lose fat. But that's not quite true. The tipping point between fat and carbohydrate burning differs per person. It has also been shown that when you train very intensively on a regular basis, you burn more fat than when you do less heavy workouts. For example, go for a spicy cardio-interval training that also contains strength elements, this ensures a high calorie consumption and especially increases the fat burning after training. So WIN WIN situation!

Is it possible to increase fat burning with food?

Our diet has a major influence on fat burning. The body is normally economical with carbohydrates because we only have a small stock of them. It also makes sense when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, the body will burn more carbohydrates and less fat. Your body gets the signal that it doesn't have to be frugal. To stay healthy and perform well, the body needs all the nutrients. So make sure you have the right ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Protein stimulates fat burning

Protein-rich foods stimulate fat burning, because the processing of proteins takes a lot of energy. So choose a diet that contains a lot of proteins. An easy way to supplement your diet with protein is through a protein shake. Mix the protein powder with water juice or (nut) milk for an easy snack. You can also take protein powders well for breakfast, for example with oatmeal, or process them in baking.

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Make sure you move a lot and preferably do spicy interval training in combination with strength elements. This stimulates your energy consumption and fat burning both during and after your workout. In addition, a balanced diet with a high protein content is essential.

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