Explanation about organic farming

Explanation about organic farming

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Explanation about organic farming. Organic farming is a form of agriculture in which environmental effects and animal welfare are explicitly taken into account. Consider, for example, more living space for the animals and less use of pesticides and fertilizers. Stricter regulations apply to organic farming than to conventional farming. In practice, this means that 'ordinary' farmers use fertilizers to maintain production and also use pesticides against diseases and pests that can reduce production.

Organic farmers only use natural fertilizers and ensure that plants build up a natural resistance and have the time to mature slowly. Ordinary agriculture focuses on high production and low costs, organic agriculture focuses on high quality, even if it costs more.

Principles of the organic farming method

  • No use of fertilizers, but care and stimulation of the fertility of the soil.
  • No use of chemical pesticides (insecticides, weed killers), but use of authorized biological aids.
  • No use of genetic engineering (genetic modification)
  • Products preferably from the immediate vicinity, fresh, with short supply lines and recognizable producers and processors.
  • As little processing of products as possible to prevent loss of quality.
  • No addition of chemical fragrances, colours, flavors and preservatives.
  • Animal husbandry in an animal-friendly manner with sufficient room to move. Good nutrition (also organic). No preventive medicines and no growth promoters.
  • Respect for nature and landscape.

More and more farmers want to switch to organic farming. Of course, this will only work if consumers buy more organic products. You can recognize the organic products by the SKAL logo and EKO quality mark, which are the guarantee of organic quality in the Netherlands. This is checked by Skal (Stichting Keurmerk Alternative Agricultural Methods).

Our organic whey comes from grass-fed organic cows that graze freely in the open air unless it's too cold outside. Because our cows are grass-fed and organic, they do not ingest any hormones or GMOs and the medication is minimal. These substances are therefore not present in our whey. The entire chain from the cow to the packaged product is checked and the whey we use in our products is certified organic.

At Ekopura we know exactly what happens to our ingredients and where they come from from start to finish. We hope that after reading this explanation about organic farming you have become a little wiser and that you can make better choices for yourself.

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