Do you need to warm up before exercising?

Do you need to warm up before exercising?

Should you warm up before exercising? The answer is YES! A good warm-up is important to prevent injuries and muscle pain.

Why is a warm-up so important?

1) A warm-up is necessary as it will improve your speed, agility, stamina and strength for the training ahead.

2) The blood flow to the muscles is stimulated, so that stiff muscles will be released so that you can perform the exercises better during training. It also ensures that you will get an injury less quickly.

3) The body is already prepared for the activity to come. Often the same movements are made during the exercises of the warm-up as during the effort itself.

4) A warm-up is also important for your joints. The rise in temperature makes the fluid in your joints (synovia) more viscous, making your movements smoother and reducing the risk of joint damage. Thanks to a warm-up, your cartilage also absorbs more moisture, optimizing the damping function of your joints and increasing their load capacity.

5) Research has shown that doing a warm-up has a positive effect on sports performance. It increases both speed and explosiveness. As a result, the muscles get better blood circulation, so that they can function better.

So prevent injuries and yes, a good warm up is important!


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