Eating healthy and enjoying your holiday: 8 tips!

Eating healthy and enjoying your holiday: 8 tips!

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Vacation! Time to completely relax and let go of the daily grind. Sleep in, do fun things and of course enjoy a delicious ice cream or local delicacies. Do you want to pay attention that you also eat healthy at your holiday destination? Because if you don't cook yourself, this can be quite a challenge. So here are a few tips on how to enjoy yourself and eat healthy while on holiday.

Preparation is half the battle!

Do your research on the internet to find out which restaurants in your holiday destination serve healthy or vegetarian food, for example. As mentioned, eating healthy at your holiday destination can be quite a challenge. You may be in unfamiliar territory or regularly on the road during your vacation. The quick snacks (ready-to-eat sugar bombs) are lurking. So make sure you always have a healthy snack with you on the go.

Have healthy snacks in your hand luggage

I'm going on vacation and I'm taking with me… Raw food, (dried) fruit, nuts or a slice of banana bread. This can easily be carried in your hand luggage and so you always have a healthy snack for on the go. This way you avoid being at the mercy of unhealthy sandwiches or snacks. Also, make sure to stay hydrated while flying. Drink plenty of water and make sure you always have a bottle of water with you.

Healthy breakfast, even on holiday

If you have breakfast at home with a protein shake, yogurt with granola or a smoothie, do this while on holiday. Try to maintain your healthy breakfast habit and eat as few luxury rolls as possible, such as croissants. Make sure you look for a large supermarket and get yogurt, fruit, eggs at home, so that you can always put a healthy breakfast on the table. Do you have a breakfast buffet in a hotel? Take a bowl of fruit first, so you have laid a base and you can more easily leave the unhealthy options.

Go for fruit and vegetables

If you make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables every day, you will at least get your daily doses of vitamins. There is often a wider range of tropical fruits abroad, so go for the fresh pineapples, melons and papayas. Also look for fruits and vegetables that are not easily found in the Netherlands. Also opt for a tasty salad more often. They contain a lot of fiber and few calories. Here you can safely eat an entire plate every day without worrying about those extra kilos. In addition, a large portion of salad fills you well because of the fiber.

Go local

Choose (organic) local products, then you have the best chance of a super fresh meal. If you're on the coast, order a fish, because it really doesn't get any fresher than that. Also visit a market more often and shop for fresh products.


You would say that if you sin for a short week, it has little effect on your body. If you eat healthy for the rest of the year, those few days don't matter, do they? Unfortunately, research has shown that your muscles do start to protest against such an 'unhealthy' week. You can read about the research conducted at Virginia Tech in the Research Journal Obesity. Healthy students were served unhealthy and fatty dishes for five days. Subsequently, it turned out that muscles have a harder time oxidizing glucose after a period of eating fat, which increases the susceptibility to obesity. This effect occurred as early as five days; a relatively short period. Another reason to choose a healthy meal more often during the holidays

Drink enough!

Oops… sorry we don't mean wine, cocktails or beer by this. We mean that it is wise to drink enough water. The body sometimes doesn't know the difference between hunger and thirst. So often you think you're hungry when you really should have something to drink. Especially in hot weather, your body really needs more moisture. And especially on vacation, this suddenly comes into play!


And the most important tip: ENJOY. The holiday is there to relax and do things that you enjoy. Make sure you give your body the chance to recharge and de-stress. This way you will come back fresh and fruity from the holiday and you can take it again.

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