Ekopura organic protein powder

Ekopura organic protein powder

Ekopura organic protein powder

You only have to walk into a supplement store and you will see rows full of different types of protein powders. But not all protein powders are equally healthy. There are so many different varieties and the quality is not always what it should be.

Whey Protein

The vast majority of protein powders are made from whey protein, a by-product of the cheese industry. Whey comes from cow's milk and is made from the liquid left over from cheese production. This liquid has a very high protein content, is rich in vitamins and minerals and, unlike milk or cheese, contains hardly any fat. Because whey has a fresh taste, it is therefore often used by food manufacturers as an ingredient for, among other things, baby food, bread products, animal food and light products.

Artificial Additions

You would therefore think that the protein powders made from the same whey are very healthy. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true. This is because 95% of all brands of whey protein you can buy in the store contain countless unhealthy additives. Additions that may make the product cheaper, sweeter, easily soluble, but not healthier. Many whey proteins generally contain ingredients such as GMOs, artificial flavors, colorings, refined sugars and other unhealthy additives. In our opinion, these additions do not belong in a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, little attention is paid to the welfare of the animals and the environment in the production process.

Clean, Pure and Organic

The above is exactly the reason we started developing our products. Ekopura only works with pure, healthy and organic ingredients. The result: protein that is free of artificial and unnecessary additives and that is good for humans, animals and nature. The suppliers and ingredients are carefully selected to offer products that support an active and healthy lifestyle. Bee Ekopura we know from start to finish what happens to our ingredients and where they come from.

In addition, our protein products have all the properties you would expect and more. Due to the high bioavailability of the proteins, EkoPura organic whey protein quickly gives your muscles the nutrients they need after a hard workout. Ekopura protein powders promote muscle recovery, muscle building and muscle maintenance.

Want to know more about Ekopura and what do we stand for? Then click here. Ekopura Ordering organic protein powder can also be done very easily via this link.  


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