The benefits of organic food

The benefits of organic food

The demand for organic food has risen sharply in recent years. There are also separate shops that only sell organically grown products. When growing organic food, the health of humans, animals and nature is taken into account.

But is eating organic food really healthier and better than eating 'regular' food?

We have listed the benefits of organic food. Organically grown fruits and vegetables contain 50 percent more antioxidants that contribute to good health. In addition, non-organic fruits often contain twice as much cadmium, a toxic metal present in fertilizers.


Organic food is purer. This is because organic products have time to grow, mature and taste, and because no fertilizer is used. The animals are also given the space to grow at their own pace.

More nutrients

Most of the nutrients are usually found in and just below the skin. You can eat organic fruit without peeling it. This gives you more vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and amino acids. Higher levels of vitamin C, minerals and bioactive substances have also been measured in some organic products.

Choose organic milk

Organic milk contains on average more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. So 'healthy' fats. The amount of iron and vitamin E is also somewhat higher. 80 percent of Dutch cows are outside for more than 120 days. This is a requirement for organic cows.

Not genetically manipulated

Organic food is not genetically engineered. Today, crops are specially grown because they need pesticides to grow. They die without pesticides. Pesticides are chemical, natural or synthetic substances used in agriculture to protect fruits and vegetables against insects, mold, weeds, rodents, etc. Because they aim to combat them, these substances are also toxic to humans.

Organic is more environmentally friendly

No use of pesticides, it makes an important contribution to biodiversity, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted and waste is often reused as manure, for example.

Organic food is in many cases healthier

Research shows that there are more vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber in organically grown products. Organic is pure nature. No fragrances, colors or flavors are added to the food.

Organic products are fair and often tastier

It is not only for the above reasons that they are honest products. Organic farmers pay much more attention to the products they grow. In most cases they are concerned with genuine quality products. We hope that after reading this article you will know a little more about the benefits of organic food.

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