The Importance of Omega 3

The Importance of Omega 3

The Importance of Omega 3

Omega-3 fats are important for everyone. Whether you are an intensive athlete or not. The health benefits of omega-3 are endless. For example, Omega-3 has a positive effect on the muscles and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In this article we take a closer look at the importance of Omega 3. Are you reading along?

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is an unsaturated fatty acid, a "good type of fat". We often think that fat is not good for us, but the body needs some fats to function properly and we must get them from our diet. These fats are called essential fats. Omega 3 is one such essential fatty acid.

There are three different types of omega 3 fatty acids:

  • Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) omega 3
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)-omega 3
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)-omega 3

ALA is partly converted into EPA and DHA. However, EPA and DHA are generally often obtained from fish. They are common in oily fish, such as herring, mackerel, salmon and anchovies. It is recommended to eat oily fish at least twice a week. But nowadays there are also sustainable alternatives.

Why is Omega 3 so healthy?

Many studies show that omega 3 is essential for the proper functioning of the human body and that it also has additional health benefits. We have listed some of them for you.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Studies show that there is a link between inhibiting inflammation and taking omega-3. EPA and DHA fats are strong natural anti-inflammatories and also stimulate the proper functioning of the brain! It is therefore not surprising that Omega 3 is so popular among athletes.


The omega-3 fats are important for everyone, regardless of how often or intensively you exercise. However, for people who often exercise and do heavy strength training, it can be even more important to pay close attention to the intake of EPA and DHA. DHA and EPA improve strength training by increasing the blood flow stimulates the muscles, so that muscles break down or acidify less quickly. In addition, omega 3 helps your muscles to recover faster and counteracts muscle inflammation.

Brain and retina development

It is very important for pregnant women that they get enough DHA-omega 3 during pregnancy and breast-feeding. DHA omega 3 is essential for the development of the brain and retina of the child. It is therefore very important to add extra DHA-omega 3 in the diet, especially in premature babies.

Even for adults, omega 3 remains important for the proper functioning of the brain and eyes. It has a positive effect on memory and is seen as the liniment of the brain. The DHA accumulates here in the body and prevents oxidation of the brain.

Other benefits of Omega 3

Omega-3 fats play a role in a healthy weight and the proper functioning of your heart and blood vessels. The two main fatty acids in omega 3, EPA and DHA, also play a role in maintaining normal triglyceride levels in the blood. Too high a triglyceride level raises cholesterol, with all the consequences that entails. An additional positive property of omega 3 is that it can provide better skin.


If you have trouble eating enough fish, you can take omega 3 supplements. In general, omega 3 supplements are made from fish oil. The omega 3 industry has grown considerably over the years. Many oceans are therefore fished to be able to manufacture this sought-after supplement, resulting in overfishing. However, if you do not want to contribute to the overfishing of the oceans and cannot or do not want to eat fish, you can also get omega 3 from algae oil. The fish themselves also get their omega 3 from the algae.

With algae oil you get the omega 3 directly from the source. This way you prevent a shortage of Omega 3 without the world suffering from it. In addition, it is also free from pollution from the ocean because it concerns cultivated algae. The concentration is also very high, 250mg DHA per capsule. 1 capsule per day is therefore sufficient to get the daily recommended amount of omega 3.

Are you curious? Then view our Omega 3 Algae Oil.

Ekopura Omega 3: Responsible and pure

The importance of omega 3 for your health and well-being is now clear. Bee Ekopura we therefore offer pure natural omega 3 supplements with a high concentration of omega 3. Like all our products, these are also produced with respect for humans, animals and nature. There are many wrongs in the conventional Omega 3 industry. A quarter of the worldwide fish catch is used for Omega 3 and causes our oceans to become overfished. In addition, people often work under appalling conditions.

We choose to do things differently and make a positive impact. Our Omega 3 is therefore completely fish-free.

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