5 benefits of adding Casein to your diet

5 benefits of adding Casein to your diet

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As a fanatic athlete, it is important to get enough high-quality proteins on a daily basis. You need enough protein to help your muscles repair and grow. If you want to take in some extra protein before going to sleep, casein protein is a very good option. But why is casein so useful for sleeping? And what other benefits does casein have? In this article, we've selected 5 reasons to add casein to your diet today. Are you reading along?

What is casein?

Both casein and whey are obtained from cow's milk. In total, cow's milk contains 3% protein. Of that, 80% is casein and 20% is whey protein. Both proteins contain all nine essential amino acids, which your body cannot make itself but needs to function properly. Proteins are building blocks for the body and are essential for building or maintaining muscle mass. Because casein is contained in milk protein, you can also find it in many other products. For example, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, various types of bakery products and also in baby food.

Muscle building in your sleep

Most people think that you have to train a lot to grow more muscle. And of course it's true that training is important for muscle growth, but your diet is just as important. Sufficient sleep also ensures that your hormone level enables optimal muscle growth. That's why casein protein is the perfect solution to take before bed. It takes about 7 hours to be absorbed by the body. This means that your body has access to proteins almost all night for optimal muscle recovery.

Helps with weight loss

Casein can help you lose weight. It gives a feeling of satiety, which makes you less hungry. This way you reduce the chance that you deviate from your feeding schedule. In addition, casein also contains few calories and has a very low fat content. Win win situation right?!

It helps build muscle strength and decreases your recovery time

You would think that your muscles would start to grow from the moment you hit the gym. However, food and diet is the decisive factor here. Training and nutrition go hand in hand. Without the right nutrition you will not achieve the desired results. Studies have shown that casein protein has a positive influence on muscle recovery, muscle growth and muscle maintenance. It is a particularly good supplement for this. Your muscles are damaged after a workout. Our body then uses protein and amino acids to repair the muscles and make them stronger than before.

Better dental health

As with other milk products, casein will improve dental health. Studies have shown that it has the potential to strengthen your teeth and protect them from erosion and damage thanks to the fact that casein contains calcium phosphate.

How do you consume casein?

The fastest way to ingest casein is to make a shake. You can do this by mixing casein with milk or water. Not fond of shakes? Then enjoy cooking, because with casein you can make different baked goods. For example protein bars, muffins or cookies. Perfect for a healthy evening snack before going to bed.

You can make "healthy" versions of your favorite snacks with casein. If you take them before bed, they will deliver proteins and amino acids to your body for a longer period of time during the night. These will enable you to achieve your sports goals faster.

Another way to consume casein is through a 'Protein Fluff'. On our website we have several recipes for the tastiest Protein Fluff.

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