5 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

5 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

From the moment you step into the supermarket, you are bombarded with purchasing decisions. Perhaps the box of strawberries is on sale, or the children are whining for sweet breakfast products. A dilemma that many people face in the decision-making process is whether to choose the organic or the ''normal'' variant of a certain product. Research shows that organic (agricultural) products are often safer and more nutritious, but that not everyone can afford these products. 

When is the extra expense worth it? 

Here are the top 5 foods you should always buy organic in our opinion, even if your budget is tight.

1. Apples † An apple a day, the doctor says goodbye. That's because apples are a great source of fiber that keeps your digestive tract in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, apples top the list of products containing pesticides. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) 2015 report, 99 percent of apples tested contained at least one trace of pesticide. Our tip: Give your apples a good wash and go for organic – this also applies to applesauce and apple juice.

2. Milk products † Even if you have to watch your money, choose organic milk, cheese and yogurt. Certified organic dairy means that the cows have not been given antibiotics or growth hormones and that they have consumed 100 percent organic feed. If you want to go one step further, look for organic milk (products) from grass-fed cows. This means that the dairy cow has a grain-free diet and that its diet consists for the most part of grass.

3. Blueberries † A summer favorite. Look for the organic variety when you buy blueberries. These little guys were found to contain more than 50 different traces of pesticides. So avoid the risk and buy the organic variant.

4. Celery † Is a good source of vitamin C, fiber and several B vitamins but go organic when buying celery. If you can't find the celery organic, buy asparagus. In celery, 64 different types of pesticides were found, while asparagus tops the clean produce list, meaning it contains far fewer of these nasty chemicals.

5. Cherry Tomatoes † are used in many salads. Go for organic cherry tomatoes for your next salad! The USDA Pesticide Program found after testing that cherry tomatoes carry 69 different pesticides! And because you almost always eat the skin of the tomato, it is also super important to wash it thoroughly before you eat it.

Do you always buy your foods organic, "normal" or a mix of both? Are there any foods that you always buy organic? If yes which one? Share your opinion with us.

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